HUE Women’s Super Opaque Control Top…

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tightgal These tights are wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear. They come in a ton of colors, and I have bought about five of them. There is a subtle amount of sheen to them too that I really love. They have great coverage and do keep warm, when necessary.

Erin These are awesome tights. They are of premium quality. Very soft and smooth. They are not 100% opaque, more like 95%. You can sort of see though them on your thighs and knees when you bend your leg. Size 2 seems to run a bit small. I am in the middle of that size bracket and they are a little snug on the waist but they are "control top" so maybe that is by design. I think if I got the size 3 they might be more to my preferences for waist size and opaqueness. They keep my legs warm under my jeans in the winter without overheating when I am indoors.

Snowflake Perfect fit and very opaque.


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HUE Women’s Super Opaque Control Top…

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